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Smart Hub & Security System

Take Proactive Steps to Protect from Water Related Risks.

A Device That Detects Water Leaks Immediately

Sending a signal to shut-off water.

Advance leak detection sensors are placed in any area of the home. Safeguard your home with ease, whether you're there or away.

Leak Detection Sensor

Leak Detection Sensor

Water Shut-off Valve

Water Shut-Off Valve

A Smart Way To Protect Your Home

The Moment a Leak Starts...

The Main Water Line is Shut-off.

The water shut-off valve will close the main water valve as soon as the system detects a leak. Saving your home from thousands of dollars of damage. Your property is a key asset, and safeguarding it should be a top priority. Did you know that water damage ranks as the second most commonly filed insurance claim among both residential and commercial property owners?

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