DisasterServices is Proud to Announce a
New Partnership, with Bulldog Security Services,
an ADT Authorized Dealer in Arizona

Owning property is typically one of your greatest assets and protecting it should be one of your greatest concerns.   

Water damage is the 2nd most filed insurance claim for residential and commercial property owners.   

ADT’s smart home security system makes protecting your home easy and inexpensive, even when you are not home.

This smart home system now helps protect your home from water damage, by including leak detection sensors and a water shut off system device that you can place in any vulnerable areas.   

If you have a water shut off system, it automatically shuts off the water valve when the water detector senses a possible water leak to prevent serious damages caused by any undetected, ongoing leaks and helps to protect your property from mold.

1. Place a sensor underneath washing machine in case it gets a cracked hose or overflows a cycle. 

2. In the basement, it’s a good idea to add sensors underneath pipes or windows.  

3. In the bathroom, next to the toilet, & underneath the sink to catch any water leaks or burst pipes. 

4. Inside a garage, to sense any leaks from flooding. 

5. Under the fridge, where leaks are susceptible. 

6. Water heaters break down and leak, but placing a sensor helps catch leaks before causing damages. 

7. Under the kitchen sink, and by dishwasher. 

8. Attic should have sensors placed along windows. 

Only a few inches of water can cause over $10,000 of damage. 

* According to the National Flood Insurance Program, $52,000 is the average flood claim payout. 

* High-risk zones have a of being damaged by floods during your 30-year mortgage versus a 10% chance of being damaged by fire. 

* 30% of flood insurance claims are from low-to moderate-risk areas.  

The water shut off system is a necessary service for any age or size home. This system protects your home while on vacation or out of town and gives piece of mind to seasonal homeowners.      

BulldogSecurity Services an ADT Authorized Dealer Offers Disaster Services CustomersSpecial Discounted Pricing, with Additional Features of Protection, IncludingWater Leak Detection Devices, Flood and Fire Protection.  For more information on a 24/7 ADT monitored system with waterleak detection and automated water main shut off valves, please call yoursecurity and automation experts at
 602-833-3252   visit the link below.