What Are The Main Causes Of Home Water Damage?

According to insurance companies, around 93 percent of last year’s water damage claims could have been prevented through conducting basic home maintenance or using a leak detection system or standard shut-off system. With a majority of flood damage claims having an average cost of $5,000 in repairs, it is very beneficial for homeowners to identify and understand potential threats that could result in water damage to their homes.

Topics on this article:
– Rain, Storm or Flood Damage
– Plumbing Leaks
– Household Appliance Leaks
– Ventilation, Heating, and Air Conditioning Systems
– How Can Water Damage Can Be Prevented

Here Are 4 of the Most Typical Causes of Water Damage

Rain, Storm or Flood Damage

Insurance companies report that 8 percent of the total water damage claims come from rain or storm damage. Over time, even small rain amounts can wear your house down and eventually damage the interior or foundation of your home. Extreme weather conditions like floods may cause major damage as well to houses, especially when they are not properly protected. Flood damage may result in standing water that can be quite dangerous, and that can cause harmful pathogens and bacteria in your house that can lead to illness quite often.

Plumbing Leaks

Numerous plumbing problems like pipe leaks and burst pipes may happen inside of walls and may be very hard to detect. If they go undetected for a long time, severe water damage can be caused by these plumbing problems. Burst and leaky pipes are among the most common causes of flood damage, and frequently result from backed up toilets and drains. Experts recommend that you have your pipes inspected regularly to catch any potential problems early on and make any necessary repairs before there is any real damage caused.

Household Appliance Leaks

Malfunctioning and older appliances can cause havoc to the internal water systems of a house. Crack or rusted pipes and weak hoses can result in water accumulation and future leaks. Houses most often experience damage from aged or damaged hot water tanks and washing machines; however, water heaters, refrigerators, and dishwashers may also over time become increasingly susceptible to damage.

Ventilation, Heating, and Air Conditioning Systems

A majority of homeowners don’t realize that their air conditioning and heating systems require maintenance on a regular basis. When proper attention is not paid, the units can experience serious moisture buildups and that can contribute to growth of mildew and mold deposits. In order to prevent those types of issues, get regular maintenance scheduled with a profession to get potential damage taken care of ahead of time. It might be necessary to replace old fixtures to prevent moisture buildup over the long run, and water damage, ultimately.

How Can Water Damage Can Be Prevented?

Although some water disasters may occur due to uncontrollable and unpredictable circumstances, a majority of water damage may be prevented through having home inspections done on a regular basis and performing maintenance periodically on all household products.

Homeowners also can install a leak detection system or shut-off system to catch leaks and automatically shut off your water main in the event of hazardous leaks. Investing in preventative measures and small repairs may end up saving you hundreds, and perhaps thousands of dollars over the long term.

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