Water damage and mold growth go hand in hand. Swift and thorough water damage restoration is crucial in mitigating the risk of mold infestation.

Can Water Damage Cause Mold?

You have water damage in your home. Will you get mold?
The Water Restoration Technician Tasks are 1. Inspection of Your Property for Water Damage. 2. Water Extraction: Getting Rid of Standing Water. 3. Stabilize the Situation & Prevent Further Damage. 4. Dry Affected Structure Materials. 5. In-Depth Monitoring & Inspection. 6. Repair Additional Related Damage

Water Damage Restoration Process - 7 Steps To Get Ready for Repairs

Water damage is something that needs to be taken seriously and the repair work should not be handled by amateurs. The side effects of water

What Are The Main Causes Of Home Water Damage?

According to insurance companies, around 93 percent of last year’s water damage claims could have been prevented through conducting basic home maintenance or using a